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End Of Life Photography | Cambridge Photographer

End of life photography is a difficult session to consider. And it’s certainly not for everyone.

The pictures I’m showcasing in this blog post are of my Father, and as hard as it was taking these pictures, it really has given me a sense of understanding and closure since his passing.

These pictures not only show how loved he was, and how much he loved in return- particularly his grandchildren. But the pictures also show his bravery and that real strong fighting spirit that he held onto. But also the occasional realisation that showed when he didn’t think we were looking.

There is a sadness when I see these pictures, but also a great ability to still feel and see that connection. And that’s what I’m trying to capture during end of life sessions. The connection that remains between people and the small details of their being.

It’s really important to me that I can offer these type of sessions to others as I hold these pictures really dear to my heart.

End of life sessions aren’t typically sad affairs, it’s just family photography in a very natural, unscripted manner. They can be fun, joyous and beautiful.