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Blossom Family Photoshoots, April | Essex Family Photographer

Looking for the perfect place to host family photoshoots is always high on my agenda like I mentioned here.

While the actual location isn’t paramount to getting great pictures, being somewhere that’s out in nature and beautiful means that those little bits of environment that appear at the edges of your photos will just enhance the overall feel of the image.

Plus choosing the right environment for a family is so important when it comes to keeping the wide range of ages entertained. Blossom usually indicates an orchard of sorts, so little ones are quite free to run round and be free.

March -April is blossom month, and for me it’s one of my favourite months in terms of natural beauty. It’s definitely a celebration of light and beauty coming back into our lives post the dreary, dark winters.

It’s a great time to get family pictures too, the sun isn’t at it’s harshest and because the days stretch that bit longer there’s more time to play with that beautiful gentle light.

There’s only a small window when blossom is at it’s best, so if you think you’d like a blossom shoot it’s best to act fast.

I have locations in Chipping Ongar and High Wych depending on your family dynamic and how accessible the location needs to be. One is a drive away where you can park up right next to the blossom, while the other involves a 10 minute walk across some fields- but that provides quite a nice opportunity for pictures in itself.

The pictures below are from both locations, I’m hoping to spend a bit more time at both blossom locations this week to get a real feel for how long the blossom season goes on for.