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The Importance Of Location Scouting | Bishops Stortford Family Photographer

When it comes to photographing children, it’s important that the location is chosen with them in mind. There’s nothing worse than bringing a young child to a location where they can’t play, run or have fun.

Posing pictures certainly have their place, but personally as a mother myself, I want to look back on pictures where I can remember the faces my kids pulled when they were genuinely absorbed in an adventure of their own.

Those looks of awe, those looks of happiness, those looks where imagination play takes over and they become little characters in their own heads.

Sometimes a picture may even look posed but the smiles aren’t fake- and that is what’s important to me, the ‘pose’ is just caught at the exact moment where a child looks directly at me with a genuine smile.

Therefore it’s even more important that I pick the right location when a client wants me to photograph their children. After all my aim is to capture real moments and real emotion. Pictures that will stand the test of time and will bring back a flood of memories year after year.

I’ll frequently test out locations on my own children throughout the seasons, so that I have a plethora of places I can recommend if a location shoot is requested.

While I have a number of camera lenses in my tool kit, my favourite one for these kind of shoots is a long lens where I can keep my distance and just unobtrusively capture children at play while they enjoy their freedom in a safe environment. I’m there to document this moment in time for the parents.

The pictures from this blog post were taken at Hatfield Forest- one of my favourite locations when it comes to family shooting. The wide expanse of the forest means there’s always a perfect location for an unobstructed, private family session with lots of natural light.

If you’re looking for a family photographer within the Bishops Stortford area, please do get in contact.

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