Blossom Family Photoshoots, April | Essex Family Photographer

Looking for the perfect place to host family photoshoots is always high on my agenda like I mentioned here.

While the actual location isn’t paramount to getting great pictures, being somewhere that’s out in nature and beautiful means that those little bits of environment that appear at the edges of your photos will just enhance the overall feel of the image.

Plus choosing the right environment for a family is so important when it comes to keeping the wide range of ages entertained. Blossom usually indicates an orchard of sorts, so little ones are quite free to run round and be free.

March -April is blossom month, and for me it’s one of my favourite months in terms of natural beauty. It’s definitely a celebration of light and beauty coming back into our lives post the dreary, dark winters.

It’s a great time to get family pictures too, the sun isn’t at it’s harshest and because the days stretch that bit longer there’s more time to play with that beautiful gentle light.

There’s only a small window when blossom is at it’s best, so if you think you’d like a blossom shoot it’s best to act fast.

I have locations in Chipping Ongar and High Wych depending on your family dynamic and how accessible the location needs to be. One is a drive away where you can park up right next to the blossom, while the other involves a 10 minute walk across some fields- but that provides quite a nice opportunity for pictures in itself.

The pictures below are from both locations, I’m hoping to spend a bit more time at both blossom locations this week to get a real feel for how long the blossom season goes on for.


Mums Night Out | Saffron Walden Event Photographer

I was privileged to be asked to photograph an event last week for Waffle & Co. For those of you not in the know, Waffle & Co is a company started by two mums in the Saffron Walden area, with the aim of bringing mums in the area together for a relaxing time and the chance to meet new friends over brunch.

Rather than the traditional playgroup situations many mums find themselves in, Waffle & Co focuses on the mums enjoyment first by providing an environment where she can be herself- all while eating the most delicious homemade waffles with the most mouth watering toppings. Little ones are of course welcome too and both my children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the brunch events I’ve attended.

With the success of their new found business venture, Tori and Ana have expanded and offer other Waffle & Co events. And a few of them now don’t include the kids… but they always include waffles!

The event I was lucky to photograph was hosted at Bicicletta in Saffron Walden. This was a chance for 30 mums to head out in the evening and enjoy each others company, all while listening to the live band Sand Live Music and sipping cocktails.

Of course the main event of the evening were the delicious red velvet waffles. The beautiful pinkish-red hued waffles were topped with a fresh zingy raspberry coulis marbled cream cheese and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The finishing touch came from a shard of dark chocolate that pierced the top. With a sprinkling of homemade honeycomb and some edible sparkle the plates were delivered to the hungry ladies who devoured them.

Here are some pictures from the event, and if you think you might like to know more about Waffle & Co and to check out some more of their events, make sure to head over to their Facebook page here.

If you’re looking for an event photographer please contact me for more details.

Bicicletta, Saffron Walden
Bicicletta, Saffron Walden
Waffle & Co, Saffron Walden
Waffle & Co, Saffron Walden
Waffle & Co, Saffron Walden
Waffle & Co, Saffron Walden
Waffle & Co, Saffron Walden
Sand Live Band

The Importance Of Location Scouting | Bishops Stortford Family Photographer

When it comes to photographing children, it’s important that the location is chosen with them in mind. There’s nothing worse than bringing a young child to a location where they can’t play, run or have fun.

Posing pictures certainly have their place, but personally as a mother myself, I want to look back on pictures where I can remember the faces my kids pulled when they were genuinely absorbed in an adventure of their own.

Those looks of awe, those looks of happiness, those looks where imagination play takes over and they become little characters in their own heads.

Sometimes a picture may even look posed but the smiles aren’t fake- and that is what’s important to me, the ‘pose’ is just caught at the exact moment where a child looks directly at me with a genuine smile.

Therefore it’s even more important that I pick the right location when a client wants me to photograph their children. After all my aim is to capture real moments and real emotion. Pictures that will stand the test of time and will bring back a flood of memories year after year.

I’ll frequently test out locations on my own children throughout the seasons, so that I have a plethora of places I can recommend if a location shoot is requested.

While I have a number of camera lenses in my tool kit, my favourite one for these kind of shoots is a long lens where I can keep my distance and just unobtrusively capture children at play while they enjoy their freedom in a safe environment. I’m there to document this moment in time for the parents.

The pictures from this blog post were taken at Hatfield Forest- one of my favourite locations when it comes to family shooting. The wide expanse of the forest means there’s always a perfect location for an unobstructed, private family session with lots of natural light.

If you’re looking for a family photographer within the Bishops Stortford area, please do get in contact.

Hatfield Forest family photographer
Bishops Stortford Family photographer
Hatfield Forest photographer
Bishops Stortford family photographer
Bishops Stortford documentary photographer
Hatfield forest family photographer

The Healing Properties Of Birth Photography | Saffron Walden Newborn Photographer

Everybody’s birth experience is different. There are good stories and there are bad stories. The birth of my first born child has always been a difficult topic for me. I was left traumatised by the whole experience.

Not because of the events that occurred, but rather because I struggled to piece together how the events connected.

With my newborn son in neo-natal, and myself recovering on a high dependancy ward after an emergency caesarean, that initial time a mother and her child should have to bond wasn’t given to me.

It’s no surprise therefore that I fell down a rabbit hole of post natal depression. I never knew you could have a debrief birth reflection clinic at the hospital, so instead I bottled up my hurt and failings and did the British thing of just ‘brushing over it.’

As time went on, I slowly came out of that fog and we decided it was time for us to try for another baby. I knew as soon as the line showed up on the pregnancy test that photographing the birth was going to be important to me.

Being the ‘main act’ on the day meant I was always going to miss parts of the birth that I’d want to see. I needed to see my daughter being born. I needed to see her and breathe her in. I didn’t want to miss any aspect of her coming into this world like I had to with my son. Most importantly I wanted the chance to relive that experience again and again to make sense of the birth process.

I understood that while I couldn’t go back and change William’s birth, I could certainly try and heal some of that pain by making sure I could connect the events of my daughter’s birth.

I wanted to hire a birth photographer but my unborn daughter decided to take charge. Because she was breech and I was also high risk due to gestational diabetes, a planned caesarean was booked in. That meant I could only have one person in the operating theatre with me, and of course it had to be her dad, so that put an end to scouting for birth photographers. Instead I made sure I briefed him well.

As much as he didn’t want to take pictures of her coming out of my tummy, I forced him to do it, because I needed those pictures. I needed to see it. I needed to understand the process of what was happening to me. Pictures are my therapy.

The surgeons were really understanding of my needs, they lowered the curtain down so I could watch her coming up and out of my tummy- all while I could hear my partner snapping away next to me exclaiming how beautiful our daughter was. They let me take her in visually for a while before they took her away and even as they cleaned her up and did all her checks they made sure I had eyesight of her. As soon as she was wrapped up in a towel she was brought straight over to me to breastfeed. And so our journey began.

Her birth completely healed the pain and disconnect of William’s birth. I was able to understand throughout her birth what had happened and was able to actually be part of it rather then be disassociated with the whole process. I understood my role in the process.

Being able to look back at her pictures actually brings me immeasurable joy. For some people the images may be too much but all I see is the beauty and absolute miracle of birth.

While I can’t actually take credit for the pictures, I did my part by editing them in my style. But really the blog post was written to highlight how for some women birth photography is important. Others may question your need for it, but if you feel it’s an essential part of your birth plan make sure you put into action how you’d like it to be part of your birth process.

If you want to discuss birth photography please do get in touch.

mother having a caesarean
Newborn baby coming out of tummy
newborn baby getting belly button clamp
caesarean mother breastfeeding
caesarean mother on operating table
Newborn baby after caesarean
Newborn baby after c section