Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Cambridge, Hertfordshire & Essex

I adore fine art photography as you know, and seeing little babies wrapped expertly in bowls is just utterly gorgeous, and if that is what you want for your newborn I highly recommend it, but make sure you work with approved photographers that have real training in this area.

But when it came to my own children, I wanted to document their infancy in a more realistic way. I wanted the pictures to resonate with me in years to come. I wanted to recognise my child’s familiar face and have the ability to see all those little things I thought I’d always remember but undoubtedly forgot over time.

Jagged fingernails. Tiny toes. The pin pricks on my daughters feet to test her sugar levels after I suffered with gestational diabetes throughout her pregnancy. Things that weren’t necessarily picture perfect at the time, but now give me that sense of longing to hold that same newborn in my arms again.

That is what lifestyle photography with newborns means to me and why so many clients are seeking out alternative ways of photographing their babies or additional ways to photograph their babies.

I love newborn lifestyle pictures. I think after having a baby everything is such a whirlwind that trying to bundle your family into a car, while navigating newborn life can be quite a traumatising event in itself! Which is why I come to you. It means you have everything you need at home to help sooth your baby and you don’t have to worry about other children you may have and keeping the entire family calm and happy.

It also means the pictures have more meaning. It’s your home. The place you’re raising your baby. Whether you move one day or you don’t, the pictures will be in a place that meant something to you, not just any studio.

Newborn lifestyle photography can also happen at the hospital. I’m more than happy to come in and pay you a visit to capture pictures in a Fresh 48 session. These pictures are typically taken within the first 48 hours of birth. A lot of mothers often worry about how they look post birth, but your face tells a story and actually your face will be glowing and full of joy- after all you’ve just delivered your baby! These are your memories to hold on to. Make sure you’re part of them.

Branding Photography, Saffron Walden | Waffle & Co.

The wonderful Ana and Tori from Waffle and Co asked me to help them create some beautiful images to showcase their growing business. I’ve known them both since the start of their venture, when they set up events for mums and babies in the local area. The idea being that the kids could play while us mothers got to eat the most beautiful artisan home made waffles. I absolutely loved the idea that there was finally a group that focused on the mothers enjoyment as much as the child’s- so I was straight in there!

What amazed me was that neither of these women had been local to the area for long, both were fairly new residents but they had a shared dream which they immediately put all their energy into.

The ‘mums that waffle’ events grew quickly and soon outgrew Ana’s home where they were being hosted. And they’ve now taken their concept and have expanded it by purchasing and renovating the most beautiful horse box to make waffles on the go.

They’re continuing to work hard and have events lined up around the local area but they’re also looking at catering for special events such as weddings. So it was important that we took a variety of images that worked in a multitude of ways. They needed some formal images for high end publications and wedding suppliers, but also some images that represented them as a duo. Laidback, fun, casual and most importantly good friends.

They also needed a few headshots and in particular a great image to be used in the newspaper.

We were lucky to be allowed the use of a beautiful field in Littlebury Green which helped to set the scene and allowed the horse box to shine in all its glory.

If you’re thinking of going pumpkin picking with the kids this Halloween, you may come across Ana and Tori whipping up some treats at Pumpkin Jim’s.

And finally if you are in need of some business or corporate photography, just give me a shout and we can come up with some ideas over how to create images that speak for your business.

Maternity Photography, Cambridge | Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Even on a busy hot day there’s always somewhere special to take pictures in the gorgeous grounds of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, would you be surprised if I told you that this particular session took place on a very crowded Saturday?

But we managed to get the most gorgeous images of Cheli and her husband, Sam- not long before the birth of their first child. The floral crown was even hand made in preparation by Cheli for this photoshoot, and it really complimented the styling and overall look and feel she was hoping to achieve. I love that she had a vision and went with it.

The variety of background looks at this location really did make this session really fun, sometimes it looked like we were in the desert and then of course we had the beautiful blossom tree showing off all it’s flowers. It’s such a statement tree in the grounds that I couldn’t help but use it during our photoshoot.

I will always recommend the Botanic Gardens as a location option in Cambridge, but there is an extra fee to get a license to photograph in the grounds which can take a couple of weeks to receive. Totally worth it though.

Trinity Hall Wedding Photography | Cambridge

I always thought the Cambridge University buildings were solely for alumni when it came to weddings, but that’s not the case. Yes, certain University buildings are for alumni only, but not all of them. And Trinity Hall is an example of one of the ones that can be booked whether you’re alumni or not. Shame I didn’t know that before I got married!

Julia and Niels had the most beautiful intimate wedding at Trinity Hall followed by their wedding breakfast at Kings College. Surrounded solely by their family which included their children, they said their vows in the presence of all those that meant the most to them. With some family joining them on their big day from overseas, they wanted a very laid back approach to their wedding photography so they could maximise the time they had on their guests.

With that in mind, I allowed them the freedom to just enjoy their day. I knew how important its was for them to not feel overly formal and for the day to just be a really large celebration of love.

I kept my style very documentary and captured moments and emotions. Very much what Julia was hoping for. Although I did steal the couple away for a quick 10 minute session to get some classic portraits done and then left them to mingle, laugh and drink copious amounts of champagne.

I absolutely loved photographing Julia and Niels’ wedding. Their wedding was utterly perfect for them as a couple- in fact I went home and told my husband that it was the perfect wedding. Intimate and full of laughter and fun.

If you’re in need of a wedding photographer in the Cambridge area please don’t hesitate to get in touch.