Donna Llande

I’m a specialist family photographer working within the counties of Hertfordshire and Essex.

I have a love of outdoor photography and like to work with the seasons to create a beautiful story with the pictures I take. You’ll often find me searching for pretty locations and prancing around in flower fields.

I’m a mother to two young children, and it’s because of them that I’ve decided to choose this career path. I started learning how to use professional cameras while I was pregnant with my first child, and ever since I’ve been refining my technique and skills- as well as finding the style that suits my photography best.

I would describe my work as natural, unscripted and whimsical. Hopefully even with my indoor photography, you’ll be able to get an idea over the natural style I prefer and those precious moments that are frozen in time through the click of a button.

I hope that I can offer families beautiful images that will help to mould memories that they’ll hold dearly for life.